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Saving With Anna is a free service. We use this blog as a means to share good deals and coupons that will save you money.

During 2010, we started selling coupon binders and sold out our first supply of beginner and advanced level notebooks. The design was updated but has not been reproduced.

We are available for coupon tutoring, savings workshops, and speaking at events on a case by case basis.

When we share our website with friends and family, we find people saying great, how much does it cost? The nature of our blog is casual right now. With three young kids, we are learning a rhythm that allows for a constant posting schedule. Our wavering budget is evolving our family financial plans it seems daily, so at this time we are on a free hosting site.

During late 2011 and 2012, the plan is for Saving With Anna to go public with a monetized paid site, meaning that we will sell advertisements and provide e-services that will create profit for the Saving With Anna business, that at this point remaining a free service.

Free, oh we love the word free, here at Saving With Anna as you will frequently get posts that say FREE! Are we the kind of folks that just want FREE things and hand outs, heavens no! Chris, Anna, and our three girls work extremely hard to keep the benefits of a stay-at-home mom. At the time of this post, Mom is looking for work. We all would rather have one parent home to provide the kind of growing environment and family quality time that is part of our “American Dream”. Everyone’s dream is so different and our dreams have changed over the years.

What are your dreams? Are you working to make them a reality? The Saving With Anna family is working to lift up our dreams to God and get the strength, determination and energy to reach for them. This blog is a part of several dreams- sharing our wealth and love of family, finding adequate funds to keep a parent (mom) home with our girls, and to write. Anna has had a lifetime love for the written word. She has written for various publications but this blog allows her to write freely about what is going on in her life, our lives, in the Saving With Anna family!

So, with all of that said, how can you support the Cahoon family and the Saving With Anna cause?

Here are the much requested options:

1) First and foremost, support us on social networking sites. Like us on Facebook, currently under Anna Kroyer Cahoon, and on Twitter, @savingwithanna

2) Participate in the blog discussions, even if it is to say, “I love this deal!” Building the Saving With Anna family is very important to us. We want to know that our hardwork is paying off and if anyone knows what it is like to raise three young kids so close together, you will know that providing a free service and building a potential business is hard work! Tell us how we are doing. Comment, answer questions, participate in challenges, giveaways, and surveys!

3) Ask for Anna! Contact us and let us know if we can provide a workshop, a class, or tutoring for your organization or family. Let us know if we can set up a one on one private class to help you set up your coupon binder, coupon organization system, navigate the savings web, or even navigate the grocery store!

4) Support us on Ebay! We have continuous Ebay sales. Through our personal seller’s account (not currently and Ebay store), we sell consignment type items, art work and crafts, and even new items that we’ve purchased at a great deal! Check out our Ebay page and check out our listings, share them with friends and buy things! We currently sell through the “forest_girl” user name that Anna has had since college.

5) Donate funds! Have you saved a lot of money through the Saving With Anna program?  Have you gotten enough FREE samples to make someone really happy? Have you been pleased enough with the daily (usually daily) emails that you want to donate? We have had those requests, so here is your option. Donate through Paypal and support this FREE service.

6) Support our other blogs and writing efforts.

The Saving With Anna Family- Dad, Chris, has two blogs at this time. His latest project is “Talking About the Weather”. This is a family and weather themed blog where he shares his observations, research, interests, and musings with his family, friends and followers! Email subscribe today or follow him on Twitter @cahoonsweather.

This next blog is Chris’ blog, but it is also very much apart of Anna and the girls as well. The Cahoon Clan a.k.a. Saving With Anna immediate family shares a love for arts and crafts, we are artisans of wood and mix media design. Follow this blog for updates on our current projects.

Thank-you Saving With Anna friends, family and followers! Without you, we would not be the family that we are. Your support through any of these six methods mean the world to us!

Only with your support can the Saving With Anna Family Blog, thrive, and become an even more beneficial FREE service that you all have come to love and call family.


Chris, Anna, Pheobe, Lily, and Lorelei

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  1. We would love to have you as an affiliate. Sign up today and make 15% from each reader you share this great deal with.

    Currently on we are offering:

    $5 for $10 CVS/pharmacy Gift Card

    SUBWAY Restaurants
    $5 for $10 SUBWAY® Restaurants Gift Card

    Just for signing up your readers will get $10 credit for other deals plus a Subway and CVS card for almost half the price.

    Just shoot me an email and I will get you setup.



    • Mark;

      Thank-you for contacting me about becoming an affiliate for I have enjoyed using the site but I must say that 1/3 of the deals that I have purchased/participated in have not been handled well by your company. I still have a Papa Johns voucher that I cannot access and I was given a ULinx voucher that I haven’t been able to use. Worse yet, I can’t get through to via email or phone. I am glad that I didn’t jump in with your company right away because you all obviously have some kinks to work out.


      Anna Cahoon


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