The SWA Family

The Saving With Anna “Family” is considered more than just our immediate family of five. We consider all of our friends, family, and fans that support us in our savings, informing, and teaching endeavors to be a part of our family. If you haven’t already, join us today, subscribe to

The Saving With Anna Family has grown each year we have been in existence. Little by little, we are figuring out what works, what doesn’t and what our fans want to hear about. I hope that you follow us and return often, share what works for you and reap the rewards of living frugal, shopping on the cheap or at least getting the most for your money, and living with less debt. These are our goals at Saving With Anna, none of which have been reached. They are goals that with the common work of the family members, we will reach and refine over time. We hope you join us!

Chris…   is commonly known as Dada, Hubby, or Daddy Cahoonie! As primary provider for our family, he is top dog and super important to the SWA Family. We love him dearly and appreciate his patience as he carts the youngest members of the family around countless grocery and drug stores looking for the best deals! We respect his knowledge of the laws and his work as a law enforcement officer as he guides us in our weekly coupon gathering missions. Yes, he is the that tells the rest of us to head down to the recycling bin because its spilling over with coupons!

Anna…  the founder of Saving With Anna, and the namesake, wears many hats in the household and is the guiding force behind this blog and the savings of the SWA Family. Beginning with several basic coupon organization systems full of fabulous coupons, she has progressed the SWA Family and Program very slowly while managing the household of three under the age of four.  Anna is posting entries while managing the Cahoon Household, our budget, social and health calendars, grocery shopping, coupon gathering and organizing, deal hunting, much more while pregnant, carrying one or more of the babes in her arms. While seeming like a lot, this is the reality for the modern Blog At Home Mom!

Pheobe… is the oldest baby of the family. Turning 4 years old this fall, she is the oldest child to be supported and living under the SWA methods. She has experienced times when the couponing was scarce as we had enough money to do great fun things and times when she is  swimming in newspapers and coupons on the living room floor as Mom and Dad figured out how to meet ends and still drive and eat! Pheobe is the reason the SWA Family formed and thus is the analytical, worrier of the family. She  is constantly told that she will one day be a lawyer and- “will you please close your mouth and stop talking/singing/complaining/asking questions/shouting/humming/whispering/snoring/laughing/giggling?” Pheobe is the Executive Secretary to Anna, and now an expert coupon cutter, grocery list maker/artist, and cheerleader.

Lily… is the middle member of the family. Born in 2010, she is the busy body, always into what she often isn’t supposed to be, as to why there is currently a gate at the entrance of the SWA home office. Lily has provided much pleasure and support for the SWA Family. She wakes every morning with the most energy and biggest smile. She is rightfully known as the happiest member of the family. Lily is also the taste tester. If anything enters the SWA home, Lily demands a taste of “that”. Usually “that” is edible but often not, but if it tastes good or bad or just worthy of chewing on or chewing up, she will gladly tell you with a smile on her face.

Lorelei… the baby doll of the family, the newest member born June 23 of this year, is often found distracting the SWA Family with her wonderful colic ridden afternoons. So you usually find her latched on to Mommy Cahoon saving in her own little way through breastfeeding. She has provided a wonderful distraction over the last year for this blog and now is probably the most constant supporter has she has her own place on a pillow or her chair at the home desk of Saving With Anna.

We are currently based in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area,  followed across the country. The SWA family remains as strong as the continued input and support that we give each other!

This blog has become a common place to communicate with our Savings Family and is still finding its full direction. At this time it is a place to display pointers and tips that Anna would like to share with You!

If this is your first visit or one of your regular visits to this blog, we, Chris, Anna, Pheobe, Lily, and Lorelei want to welcome you to return and join us, interact with us, and mostly save with us at


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  2. Love this family!!! So blessed to have met and become friends with you all.


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