A Review of FREE Kids Haircuts at JCPennies

This is my first review in a long time. Usually I’m reporting a great deal in short snippets and always on the run, chasing after a child, two or three.
Yesterday, my oldest daughter, Pheobe and I went to JCPennies in Colonial Heights, Virginia to get her FREE Kid’s Haircut. Through the month of August you can get a FREE haircut for your grade school child at no charge! Call your choice salon for the current details.
Pheobe starts Kindergarten this year and is so excited about looking just right for her first year. We have been going through clothes all summer and searching for the best deals.
The haircut had us in big debates all week- long or short or mid-length, bangs or none, layers or not?
Pheobe dances and loves her ballerina bun, so we decided to keep it long and continue growing her bangs out.  Our stylist helped with our final decisions, making it very easy to figure out what would work on an almost 5 year old, and she even honored Pheobe’s request to look like Cinderella.

Here is Pheobe getting started with her trim- nervous, excited and wearing new shoes courtesy of Grandma!

Edith Redd is our beautician. She has done my hair since I was a grant forester with the state having to dress professionally and look my best. She is so much fun to talk to and helps me keep my super traditional hair looking peppy. HA!
If you know me, my style is very simple, but she has always helped me figure out what is just right for me. Yesterday, she agreed the one picture I brought was the same old thing we’ve done before, so we tried something new and added highlights! Of course, those weren’t FREE but we had so much fun doing them and now I feel glamorous.
Here is Pheobe feeling glamorous under the dryer reading a fashion magazine.
And here is Pheobe with her hair trimmed for school before our special Cinderella style that she requested! So it was a simple with a little layers and future silk treatment at home was recommended for her flyaways.
The Colonial Heights location of JCPennies Salon did a wonderful job with the kids. There were maybe six different kids that came in while we were in our appointments and they all seemed happy, excited, and walked out looking stylish and smiling. The atmosphere was very calm and relaxed, even my boisterous 5 year old didn’t get into too much trouble dancing around the salon.
I highly recommend the Colonial Heights JCPennies salon and best of all, if you are calling to make an appointment for your son or daughter, ask for Edith- she is best and is a Master Stylist. I’m so grateful for our first mom and daughter hair outing complete with princess hair, our favorite stylist, and fresh pretzels from the mall for the ride home!

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  1. What a special afternoon. LOVE LOVE LOVE The updo


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