Win groceries, money and more!

Good morning SWA Friends and Family!

We ended a week with one sick child hoping for a positive start to summer, now we have another sick child!

Lately, it seems like every company trying to reach out has been promoting themselves through mom bloggers and through instant win and giveaways!

I have so much fun entering these and we win quite often. I actually need to update that list, as we have won a few more since… what list?

Did you realize that we have a list of current giveaways, sweepstakes, and more on Saving With Anna?

Go HERE and you will find our “Play for Fun” link.

Play for fun- I termed it that because I have so many people around me that say it is a waste of time and they never win.

I actually have won a sweepstakes now, as a kid I won a shopping spree, and mainly I win instant win games and blogger’s giveaways.

With sweepstakes, I don’t know what your best chance is except everyone loves to choose a winner with a very positive entry- if it asks why you like their product, let your answer resonate with them.

With instant win games, earn in the promotion period, the day or the week seems to be the key. My husband used to work nights and I would wait up for him. Around 1-3am, usually 3am was best when the west coast was starting to go to bed, then the instant win games would reset and I’d win win win!

With blogger giveaways, yes it is random (I think), but I find the smaller bloggers with low entry giveaways are easiest to win. FREE product coupons make my life easier with grocery shopping. So with a few clicks on a blogger giveaway, I often win FREE groceries! The bloggers are given the chance to review products and giveaway samples and full size products. And once again, be positive. For example if it says to leave a comment and tell them why you like apple juice, you could say, “I love Saving With Anna- we check your blog every day and share it with all of our friends. This brand of apple juice is our favorite, my kids request the yellow bottle every time we are at the store and I trust company X for their value!”

So there is my strategy, no go WIN! And if you have a somewhat different strategy, please share it with the group. We have quite a following right now, meaning a large community of folks that I’m sure would love to hear your winning secrets!

Happy Memorial Day!



About Anna Kroyer Cahoon

I'm a savings savvy stay at home mom. Our family loves to play the grocery game and we have to save every way we can. Through Saving With Anna, we exchange savings ideas and share great deals with friends, family, and faithful followers. With Inspire-gize, I am taking charge of my life and its mission in 2012!

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