Turbo Tax and Discount Code for E-file Tax Returns

This afternoon I did a search to see what the cost of my e-file for the state of Virginia would be. Of course, I’m comparing prices to find the cheapest version of TurboTax Federal Deluxe Software.

I stumbled across this site HERE where you can get a 20% off code for your E-file submission and enter to win some great prizes!

This is through efile.com and all you have to do is like TurboTax and write down your code to use at check-out after completing your tax return.

Now, you also will want to look back in our previous posts where I listed a discount that you can get on Turbo Tax’s Facebook page. That was for 25% off the cost of TurboTax Online Federal Deluxe.

I am writing down any savings or code that I come to before I buy the software.

Has anyone received any offers from companies to buy Turbo Tax Deluxe online?

So what I have found so far is that if you want to buy it in the store, you should go to Office Max, Staples, or Walmart for the best prices. Walmart is going to price match and you will want to bring an ad for Office Max or Staples that is offering it at $49.95. Staples will also offer you an extra $5 gift card easy rebate and a FREE copy of Quicken. I loved the idea of Quicken and when it came down to it, after the trial period my bank was charging me hefty fees to send records to Quicken electronically for my money management. It was not worth it to me, but idea of Staples seems the best because with their rewards card you will earn points and that means spending money in the store for future free ink!

If you buy the store version, you also have to pay your state’s e-file fee. Federal is FREE either way. From all that I can find, it looks like you will pay $19.95 for the state e-file. So that is $72.40 with the e-file, taxes on in-store purchase, and you could get $5 back at Staples and earn points. If you use the 20% off your e-file code above (which mine says has to be used by 2/4/12) than I understand that you will pay $15.96 for your e-file bringing your total down to $68.41 (once again before that Staples $5- I don’t like counting that in the upfront cost).

If you buy it online, there are some deals out there to be found. Capital One offered me my e-file through their site at 35% off, so that I would pay $19.45 for the online download of Turbo Tax Federal Deluxe and then I would pay extra $36.95 for the online Turbo Tax state. My previous post had the 25% off the same edition through the code on the Facebook page. The federal e-file is again FREE, and yet the real incentive here is that the state e-file is FREE with the online purchased version. The total for my online deal with 35% off and buying TurboTax state with two FREE efiles is $56.40.

While the boxed in-store version does have the state included, it doesn’t include state easy file for FREE. So if you want that file for free you will have to print and mail it in.

I am a little confused on if I use this 20% code from the efile.com site code at all with the purchased state downloaded version since they are already throwing that efile in for FREE. I still think the best way to go is the online download version.

Any thoughts here? Does anyone else have a better deal worked out?

Tell me fast before I buy mine!



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I'm a savings savvy stay at home mom. Our family loves to play the grocery game and we have to save every way we can. Through Saving With Anna, we exchange savings ideas and share great deals with friends, family, and faithful followers. With Inspire-gize, I am taking charge of my life and its mission in 2012!

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  1. I use Taxactonline (not the deluxe version) It’s $14.95 to file for state, and free for Federal. Then if you want to have direct deposited in your checking or saving’s then they now charge $16.95 to do that. I went ahead and did that but I’ll be looking elsewhere next year. It’s still a good deal at $31.90 but they have never charged to direct deposit before. Kinda made me mad after I had done all the filing and I was on the last step.

  2. Hey Chrissy!

    Do you EZ file? I have to itemize big time, have a small business, and can’t use the basic…

    So you have already done yours. I just read on CVS’s ad that has promo for the Green Dot Pre-paid Credit Cards. If you buy it for $4.95, you get a $5 credit on the card within a few weeks. Also, it states “Get Your Tax Refund Faster than a Check with Direct Deposit.”

    I have no idea why that would be faster, but would that help you?

    I love TurboTax and even how it adds my information from last year, which is important for several things on mine but mainly for the Virginia state return where they tax you on last year’s refund. I also love the It’s Deductible feature but I did not use that this year. We didn’t donate so much this year unfortunately.

    THANKS for your post! I love the feedback.


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