You’re invited! Visit Starbucks Jan. 12-14 to taste the newest coffee

I’ve done this one time and the post looked awesome. Another time and you couldn’t read a thing.

At the moment my 6 month old is currently banana’d and feathered (Cherios!) and shrieking at me. If this post doesn’t look right, I’ll correct it this evening.

I am going to try this at least and am posting the Starbucks email that I just received. It sounds like a great opportunity for those of us getting the cold rain this week. Stop in and try their new Blonde Roast!

From January 12-14 at your local store, they will be giving FREE samples of their new blend of coffee.

If you are on Facebook, stop by their page HERE and RSVP and share the deal with your friends!




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Taste the new Starbucks(R) Blonde Roast at the Find the Roast You Love Most event.
January 12-14 at your local Starbucks
Find Your Perfect Roast
How do you like your coffee? Bold, smooth or mellow – we’ve got something for you. Come in and sample the full roast spectrum, including the new Starbucks®Blonde Roast. If it’s your favorite, we’ll give you a free sample* to brew at home.
Explore the Starbucks Roast Spectrum and vote for your favorite at
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  1. I’m still sitting here. The baby has stopped shrieking and is not just glaring at me. I sat here long enough to see how the post will look and now I see that it appears that I am working for Starbucks HA!

    I signed my comments “Anna” and then Starbucks was the start of their email. I am going to correct that now. Too funny.


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