Prayers Needed in the Blogging World

This story is so sad. When I logged on early this morning, my Facebook and Twitter was full of Christine’s story.

Life happens. It happens every day. Tragedy strikes in the most unexpected corners of life to make us into who we are to become. God has a plan. By why are such challenges in his plan? We have to somehow trust and see through the fog sometimes.

Life has changed for Christine- she will have to deal with a lot of pain. She is obviously a very religious lady and I am praying today for her that she finds strength in her church community. I hope everyone reaches out just when she needs it.

Christine and her son were in their town waiting to cross the street. Her son was in the umbrella stroller. The next thing she knew an 18 wheeler was pushing her and the stroller was crumbled in front of her, Sly was under the truck. From all I can tell he will live, the doctors have a lot of work to do, but he will live.

Will you all pray with me this holiday week for Christine and baby Sly?

HERE is her story. She laid it all out for us, the honest truth. It may not be something you want to read, just send some positive energy out into the universe and pray for their healing.

What rings in my mind over and over is that, this truth could be any of ours. So many mothers of young children are a part of our Saving With Anna blog family. Many times I am at the store and can barely keep my three in the shopping cart let alone my eyes on everyone around me.

My heart sank and my stomach turned with sadness and fear (yes that may be related to the stomach bug that my kids have…), but I immediately started praying for her and thanking God for what I have.

Be Thankful Today and Everyday!

Pray for Christine and Sly!

Pray for all the mothers and fathers out there trying to keep our kids safe this holiday season and always!

Much love to all the blog followers, your families, and Christine and Sly who are “just trying to live in an extraordinary way.”

This is off the topic here, but I really enjoyed a quote that she had posted on the left bar of her blog, “God’s plans cannot be frustrated. So if you are feeling frustrated by something…then those weren’t God’s plans!”



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I'm a savings savvy stay at home mom. Our family loves to play the grocery game and we have to save every way we can. Through Saving With Anna, we exchange savings ideas and share great deals with friends, family, and faithful followers. With Inspire-gize, I am taking charge of my life and its mission in 2012!

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