Firmoo Online Optical Store- FREE Prescription Eye Glasses

My almost two year old Lily, is on this horrible path of destruction- two pairs of eye glasses have been broken by her this year. I am so grateful for these online companies that have been running FREE eye glass promotions.

Previously, I let you all know when Coastal Contacts was running their FREE glasses promotion. They do this on and off throughout the year. I will continue to let you know when I hear that they are open again. If interested, go ahead follow them at

When Coastal is running the promotion, you will see down the left side, the menu listing will say FREE GLASSES. You will also find information on Coastal Contact’s homepage about who is eligible and what glasses are in the promotion. I see that now they are going by It seems many people were dismissive of their “Coastal Contacts” name thinking they only did contacts, not glasses. I see that the name has changed and I imagine that this is why. I LOVE the glasses that I ordered through their promotion, only paying $14.95 shipping.

This week, I am out of glasses completely and had to order a new pair. I found that Firmoo Online Optical Store had a similar promotion. I did decide to pay the $1.95 for anti-glare but the shipping was even lower than Coastal and through Firmoo’s promotion this week, I got them FREE! They didn’t have as many styles to offer as Coastal had, but there were enough variety that I had a hard time choosing! They seem to be giving away so many per day and you can click on the FREE GLASSES tab on the left of their Facebook page.

Firmoo has some interesting promotions going on as well. It looks like you can get gift vouchers for friends and family. With this said, you might be able to snag another FREE Christmas gift for someone!

Let me know if you order a pair. I would love to hear if you are happy with them. I can’t wait to try mine. I ordered a beautiful purple colored plastic lens. Here is the image from their catalog of the pair that I ordered. Tonight there are many additional options from the other day when I ordered!

Happy Shopping!



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