Happy Sweetest Day- October 16- Only $5 Celebrate


Happy Sweetest Day Saving With Anna Family!

Saturday, October 15 is Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is special to me although I know not many people follow it. See my Grandparents were married just before Sweetest Day back in 1957 and would have been married 54 years this weekend!

So many people around me here in Virginia, say what is Sweetest Day? Well here is Wikipedia’s answer:

Sweetest Day is an observance celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region,or lake dwellers, and parts of the Northeast United States, on the third Saturday in October.[1] It is described by Retail Confectioners International as an “occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember husbands, boyfriends, the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.”

The angels will be smiling down on us this Sunday and I know my Grams for one would be awful pleased if I inspired any of you to be a little more romantic, grateful for family, and celebrate with your Sweet or someone special on Sunday!


I believe in angels and spirits quite a bit and see evidence of the ones in my life quite often. One day this summer, I was really needing to talk to my Grams and would have loved to call her on the phone. I found myself rolling around the store at Kroger in the coupon-ing zone wishing I could call her and suddenly the loud speaker shouts,

“Dottie, phone call, Dottie phone call, DOTTIE!”

Geez, if that wasn’t a heartwarming sign from my Grams, Dottie, I don’t know what is!

So anyhow, I play this game and maybe its some more positive signs, happy thoughts of her, I’m not sure. There is a flower shop in Ohio called Ken’s Flower Shops. They really send the most beautiful email advertisements. I used to send my Grams gifts from there- time and again when I had extra money, like the dainty little tea cup filled with tiny little roses. The cup now sits on my dresser to remind me of her 🙂

They still email me and the flowers and gifts all seem to be so beautiful, happy, inspirational, that I’ve taken to thinking that maybe these emails hold a secret message just for me from her. Of course, this picture is just an advertisement, but I’m smiling today thinking my Grams sent me three pink roses in time for Sweetest Day!

She was such an inspirational lady my Grams. It is funny that I went back to see if there was anything fun I could pull out of that email to tell you my story or maybe just to be heartwarming and comical to you. On another challenging day this summer, I received a saying about being a Mom from this company!

There were several emails about Sweetest Day from Ken’s in my inbox.

I hear you Grams.

“Don’t forget, don’t forget my special day”, she is reminding me.

The next one I read made me smile and I think will make you GLAD!


The advertisement reads-

“WOW! A website with gifts from only $5!”

Here I am sharing on my family savings and DEAL blog- and $5 is a great deal for a gift in today’s world.

If you were from the Toledo, Ohio area, you would probably know that $5 at Ken’s isn’t going to buy you very much, maybe a nicer greeting card than the little cards they stick in the flowers.

The first time I stopped in their store to buy something, I had to keep downsizing and finally told the florist that my college budget could only afford the smallest vase she could find!

The next line is even funnier.

“Five GLADS for only $5!”

Haha, I love this one. I know I’m stretching this but, I feel like its telling me that you don’t need much money to be glad, $5 can be plenty enough to make someone’s day and make them glad– or specifically buy them Gladiola’s from Ken’s, which I’m sure my Sweetest wouldn’t want… so I take this to mean a small amount can go a long way when you put your heart into telling someone how much you care.

I plan on celebrating Sweetest Day this year and if my husband is reading this, I’m sure he’ll start thinking UH OH! And maybe you are thinking $$$$$, retail giants trap of a holiday, but this doesn’t have to be a Hallmark holiday!

I want to inspire you! For $5, this Saturday, celebrate someone special on Sweetest Day. Make someone smile that is not expecting it. I know my Gram’s will be sharing it with us. Maybe some extra Angel Dust will sprinkle down your way



Find 5 ways or spend $5 on your Sweet and share the special gesture with us on Monday!

We want to let you know here from the home office of Saving With Anna that we are so thankful for our readers, friends, and family. Here is 5 just for you in honor of Sweetest Day 2011!

Five Reasons Anna is GLAD for our Blog Followers:

1. I love deals and I am so glad to have other extended families to share them with.

2. I am glad to know that I can help someone else save money and thus have more resources to spend time with their family.

3. I love to write and am glad for an audience. And for your patience when I am still trying to figure out what to write.

4. I am glad to have personal connections with the followers that are growing gradually ( I am glad for our new followers- welcome! ) and am glad for all of your continual emails and communications.

5. I am glad that God provides for me the GREAT WEALTH and FORTUNE that I have- which is plenty enough to spend time and build relationships and memories with the people who matter- especially my husband and my three girls!

Happy Sweetest Day dear Saving With Anna family and friends!


P.S. I borrowed the graphics from the Ken’s Flower Shops email- thanks to them for the lovely emails and advertisements that bring me a smile whenever they arrive, for them I am glad!


About Anna Kroyer Cahoon

I'm a savings savvy stay at home mom. Our family loves to play the grocery game and we have to save every way we can. Through Saving With Anna, we exchange savings ideas and share great deals with friends, family, and faithful followers. With Inspire-gize, I am taking charge of my life and its mission in 2012!

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  1. I am GLAD for such a sweet, caring, and generous friend. I am GLAD for a friend who builds people up and always has a kind word not to mention always willing to help. I am GLAD that God blessed me by having our paths cross and we became friends. Happy Sweetest Day my friend.

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