Post-Hurricane… I’m back online!

Hi everyone!

We are finally back online!!!!! After weeks of no power, water, cable, or internet… I thought I’d go crazy! Three children and I alone during the storm without food or water while hubby was out saving the world, hunched over in our home watching trees fall one by one around us, silently and sometimes loudly saying, don’t hit my Lexus, don’t hit the house, DON’T hit my LEXUSSS! It was my Grandma’s special car….

Ok dramatization over. We were out of power, cable and internet since Saturday afternoon, water for 24 hours, unable to get out of our neighborhood for 12 hours, had a generator for 48 hours (had to wait until hubby was off work), and cooking on propane until last night. We were really spared and yet completely miserable with the 3 little ones. Here are some interesting funny experiences from the storm.

* Once it set in that we were in fact going to be losing power soon, I threw things in the crockpot, emptied the freezer, packed the coolers, sent some things down to the fire house to store, and started cooking everything I could. So glad I did because FEMA meals were taken by the greedy, we were unable to leave home for that short spell, I really didn’t have hurricane supplies ready this time- prepared foods, and with the power, the AC, and other ammenities out, it became crucial that we have enjoyable meals! If you had tried to call, text, or email- which many did, the answer was the same- preserving battery and cooking!

* Pheobe asked what the howling was in the windows. We made up story after story to explain the scarey noise. Finally settled on it was bumble bees trying to get in to play with Pheobe. Irony- she ran over to visit our grandmotherly neighbor the next day and stepped on a bee and came home howling until Chris realised about the same time Pheobe did that the bee and buzzer was in her leg and it went to horrific screeching and jumping around!

* During the height of the storm, police officer- Daddy Cahoon was trappped in the police car between two trees right down from the house. Finally the fire department cut him out. He said that he thought we were having another aftershock from last week’s earthquake and then he looked up- instead of down. The biggest fire tanker that he has seen had pulled up beside him because they saw another tree coming down and didn’t want him crushed in the police car. Many many crews came from all over the state to help out and we are glad they did.

So then they cut him out and took him many miles from our house with trees falling behind them. So now police car and all, hubby was stuck down the road between us and a dozen trees. How was he going to get home when we were all home alone with now branches hitting the roof, water dripping in the garage, lines down in the road, kids in panic mode? Well God works in mysterious ways, a lady went into full labor and they had to cut her way to the hospital. My husband followed the procession to home and our team was back together again 🙂

* We had water and we never should have lost water. With a community well and huge back-up generator, one elderly lady said that we haven’t lost water in many decades. I did however fill up the bathtub and yet not the big water jugs… I had cooking and drinking water, but not much back up supply. Then Sunday morning we all realised that we were out of water. My husband started his patrol and ended up finding a group of neighbors gathered around the gate asking the same question, where did the giant green generator go?? It was missing… They finally got it back or found it and we regained water, but I must say it was disheartening to many of us as the days got increasingly hotter and more overwhelming.

* The scariest part of the storm was watching trees fall one by one and then the sun going down just as we watched the big oak in front of our house split in half. What would happen that we could not see?

* We surivived, our house survived (minus a leak in the roof of the garage), and the next morning the neighbors all started working together to cut the trees out of the road. They ran around spreading out supplies and checking on each other. I’ve never talked to our neighbors so much, and that is not such a bad thing is it? We all worked together!

* When the storm was over, Pheobe was bounding to get outside telling us it is spring! The sun is here! Spring is here! Spring is here! That is a pleasant way to be grateful for the storm being gone!

* Our budget is incredibly tight and we filled up our gas cans last night to come home and get power back 4 hours later… I’ve never seen my husband so happy to mow the yard today!

* Funnier yet, we were all so tired last night after our second trip to town for supplies, that we came home and fell asleep in front of the generator powered old TV/VHS combo. Even little Lily walked herself down to bed and sacked out. We were out! Then something woke me up, I woke up Chris and Pheobe and we started heading to bed. Until Chris noticed that a street light was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we flipped the power supply on to the house, cut off the generator and started shouting for joy!

* Then I must applaud myself, so worried that I couldnt’ get back to work without internet, I called the phone company three times trying to get through waiting for a total of an hour and a half…. by the time the power came on, the cable folks had already come while we were gone as well!!!!!!!!

* I must add here too that Grandma’s Lexus was spared and there is really no major damage to our property. We have counted our blessings.

So Saving With Anna is back online. As you have seen from my sporadic posting lately, our family is feeling the growing pains of our new family size on our budget and working hard in different ways- I am searching for a full time job once more and we are running some online sales/stores. Say some prayers for us that God leads us down the right path and that we have worked hard enough to clear the down trees in that path HA!

There are a few deals to follow now… and please write back and let me know that you are all OK!

For those of you that have not been following us since the beginning or know the Saving With Anna/Cahoon family personally, I updated the who we are page on the blog, check it out!



About Anna Kroyer Cahoon

I'm a savings savvy stay at home mom. Our family loves to play the grocery game and we have to save every way we can. Through Saving With Anna, we exchange savings ideas and share great deals with friends, family, and faithful followers. With Inspire-gize, I am taking charge of my life and its mission in 2012!

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