Extreme Kroger Friday Trip and Coupon Book

I spent several hours in Kroger yesterday grocery shopping and was really let down. The Extreme Couponers are really getting out of hand. We love to see how much we can save and if its an amazing purchase, we love it. Yesterday, my husband pushed my daughters around and I was free to shop!

I went to get a bottle of ketchup yesterday and ran into a very grumpy lady buying 40 or 50. Yes, she cleared the shelf only leaving $4 bottles ;( Went to get BBQ sauce and found another with a coupon binder and a cart just full of BBQ sauce! I have a coupon binder and several boxes and tons of cloth bags, I look just like them but I wouldn’t wipe out a shelf, I would feel horrible to take away someone else’s opportunity to save.

This is the first time I’ve seen it, it was almost like that old shop till you drop show and the contestants had just been set loose on the store. I ended up wheeling around with another woman trying to find the same products. We found another display with the BBQ sauce, but no ketchup. I just want to point this out that we should really consider our values when we are shopping. There is nothing wrong with the pre-order method, talk to the manager; they are so helpful at our store.

A fun thing to point out is that as I was leaving, I always grab an extra ad because I tear up my first one throughout the week and want another opportunity to start fresh if I return! Well, there was a little recipe looking book in browns and blacks that said “Private Selection” and had a picture of a burger on it. I have tried Kroger’s Private Selection ice cream and its very good. I flipped through and didn’t see a coupon but was ready to leave and just took one. Opened it at home and guess what! Three coupons- $1 OFF Private Selection Pizza, $1 OFF Private Selection Ice Cream, and $1 OFF Private Selection Lasanga. This is Kroger’s new higher end store brand. I’m definately willing to try! Although I doubt these coupons will provide you with a FREE product, I think they might be items to enjoy trying! So if you go into Kroger see if you see it, it was on the rack in Chester with the ads and is real thin, probably 4″ x 3″.



About Anna Kroyer Cahoon

I'm a savings savvy stay at home mom. Our family loves to play the grocery game and we have to save every way we can. Through Saving With Anna, we exchange savings ideas and share great deals with friends, family, and faithful followers. With Inspire-gize, I am taking charge of my life and its mission in 2012!

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  1. The “extreme couponers” are driving me crazy. I wish that show would go off the air and this fad would be over with! People are so inconsiderate. I would never clear a shelf. Good deals come around all the time. People should just get enough to make due until the next deal. They don’t need to take it all at once! Sorry to rant but it’s really on my nerves.


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