A great blog post… Competitive Couponing!

Good-morning all!

Morning started here at 3am, my youngest is getting molars 😦 Tired here and yet I am always inspired by fun couponing blog posts and articles.

Did you watch Extreme Couponing last night? After the crazy day I had yesterday, this preg mom passed out, I couldn’t move, but I watched and was so inspired by last night’s show with some positive parents really saving for their families and a cruise vacation! I actually dreamt about my coupon match-ups. HA!

So reason for my post- I love “Coupon Teacher”! Have you gotten into Twitter yet like I keep suggesting?? I “re”Tweet her tweets a lot. She has GREAT information and is efficient in her information transfer. Watch my Twitter roll on the blog here and you will see what I mean! I’ve received several messages, “thanks for the retweet!” That tells me she cares and she is watching her followers, afterall blogging is a community.

I read her post today, I love it- its on Competitive Couponing. We all feel peer pressure, even as adults. I find such great saves and have a pile of receipts to share with you the Saving With Anna family and yet… which one is good enough. I had a lady at a community event last year try to test me and say I want proof. I almost laughed at her, I’m not into proving anything, I’m into having fun, helping my family, and sharing my deals with others. But I do want to teach too- so when folks ask to see how I’m saving, I have saved my best saves week after week and am not sure how to share yet… and then is my subconsious saying- will that impress them??? Remember I discussed a month ago, is a great shopping trip one where you save the most or where you saved he most with what you purchased… meaning, if I forgot several things that are crucial to my shopping experience and buy formula, snacks for my daughters to eat as we wheel through the store, is that saving? YES!

It also makes me think about the episodes of Extreme Couponing- last night the one lady hired a sitter. One of the ladies has a strict schedule of travelling between stores. Another lady subscribes to a TON of papers. What are those costs involved??? One said last night, I have to make sure that I’m not going into a store for one great deal. She is correct. Can you see spending almost $4 per gallon on gas to hit 5 different stores for FREE items? Well, if you can make the trips worth your money???

Read on- you will love this one… how do you rate on your savings games? And yes it is a game. After a heated debated with a store manager over their coupon policy in Hopewell recently, she exclaimed at me this isn’t a game! No but its not life or death either, its a way of working the coupon system to get the most for your money, to benefit your family and your community the best, and to enjoy the process. Coupons are given out mainly to promote items, to get you into a store to buy them, and to get you into particular stores to buy their items!




About Anna Kroyer Cahoon

I'm a savings savvy stay at home mom. Our family loves to play the grocery game and we have to save every way we can. Through Saving With Anna, we exchange savings ideas and share great deals with friends, family, and faithful followers. With Inspire-gize, I am taking charge of my life and its mission in 2012!

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