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21 October, 2016 04:03

Just look at this! http://ambition.milliondollarescape.info/A_K_Cahoon Isn’t it wonderful?
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27 May, 2016 13:16

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Site Hacked- Don’t Open Links- Happy 2016!

Hi Long Time Ago Saving With Anna friends and fans!

While I’m still using all the tools I have learned and using my links quite a bit still, I have gone inactive on the blog in order to raise my 3 girls and I’m a serious busy Girl Scout Leader of a huge troop 🙂

Many apologies for some reason the page keeps getting hacked though. Please do not open the links that have very little information in them.

If I decided to post it would be a happy, positive note with the link and I would clearly tell you what the deal or ideas are about. I have changed passwords and changed a few things that hopefully I can keep the site up for future use and not have it hacked so much.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2016 and doing fabulous things with the money you save!